Forever Healthy

Michael Greve, Founder & CEO, Forever Healthy Foundation; CEO, Kizoo Technology Ventures

Video Overview

German internet entrepreneur Michael Greve, the first donor to SENS Research Foundation's major new Project|21 initiative, discusses how his life and career led to a passionate interest in the long-term maintenance of human health. That interest resulted first in his creation of the Forever Healthy Foundation, a non-profit organisation committed to educating people about the steps that can already be taken to mitigate the damaging effects of aging, and ultimately to his support for SENS research. Michael addresses the obstacles that currently exist in bringing rejuvenation therapies to the market, and explains how his two $5 million contributions - the first directly to SRF, and the second in the form of a seed fund for rejuvenation biotechnology focused start-ups - will help to break through those barriers. Includes an introduction by SRF CEO Mike Kope.