Causes and Consequences of Age-Related Extracellular Matrix Remodelling

Michael Sherratt, Lecturer, Center for Regenerative Medicine, University of Manchester

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Following a PhD and postdoctoral positions with Professor Cay Kielty at the University of Manchester, Michael was awarded an AgeUK Fellowship and Senior Fellowship. He is currently a Lecturer in Molecular Biochemistry at the University of Manchester and director of the BioAFM (atomic force microscopy) Facility at the same institution. For the past four years he has served as treasurer of the British Society for Research on Ageing and his main research interests are in the effects of ageing on tissue extracellular matrix structure and mechanical function.

Using biochemical, ultra-structural, bioinformatic and micro-mechanical approaches, Michael’s work suggests that: i) elastic fibre associated proteins (which are highly enriched in Cys, Trp and Tyr amino acid residues) may be differentially susceptible to UV-radiation and oxidation in ageing tissues and ii) the effects of ageing on tissue mechanical properties are localized in large arteries such as the aorta.

In collaboration with colleagues in the Manchester X-ray Imaging Facility he is now developing new imaging methodologies to characterize the effects of intra-luminal pressure on the 3D structure of young and aged arteries.