2014 WFIRM Summer Scholars

Video Overview

SENS Research Foundation sponsored four students to participate in the 2014 Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) Summer Scholars Program. In this video, Ethan Bassin, Abigail Hawkins, Shruti Singh, and Sophia Szymkowiak remark on their experiences at WFIRM and thoughts on the SRF-WFIRM Summer Scholars Program. Here is a brief preview of "how they spent their summer vacation."

Mentored by Dr. James Yoo and Dr. Tony Atala, Ethan tested the feasibility of kidney implantation using autologous cell sources. Also under the direction of Drs. Atala and Yoo, Sophia made great progress generating in vitro ovarian tissue that may someday lead to restoration of egg and proper hormone production. Under the guidance of Dr. Graca Almeida-Porada, Abby evaluated the ability of modified human stem cells to treat inflammatory bowel disease. And, last but not least, in the laboratory of Dr. John Jackson, Shruti attempted to recreate the thymic microenvironment using a natural tissue scaffold.

To learn more about Ethan’s, Sophia’s, Abby’s, and Shruti’s research, check the alumni section of the SRF Summer Scholars homepage. Applications are now being accepted online for the summer of 2015. Apply today to join one of these exciting projects this upcoming summer.