2014 HSCI, Oxford, and UCL Summer Scholars

Video Overview

Over the summer of 2014, SENS Research Foundation partnered with the Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI), an organization focused on developing new models for medical innovation, to sponsor research by four students: Rebecca Jones, James Smith, Rahul Rekhi, and Sheri Zada. This video highlights the experiences they had at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, the University of Oxford, and University College London. Here’s a brief preview of the projects they conducted.

Under the mentorship of Dr. Jeffrey Karp and Brock Reeve at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, James studied the scalable manufacture of extracellular vesicles for therapeutic use. At University College London, Rebecca Jones conducted a systematic with Dr. Ivan Wall of key translational challenges faced by tissue-engineered hollow organs, particularly the current bioprocessing bottlenecks that need to be addressed to gain widespread clinical adoption. Under the guidance of Prof. Afsie Sabokbar at the University of Oxford, Sheri Zada attempted to characterize a novel molecular target involved in bone remodeling and, thus, contribute to the development of treatments for those suffering from bone diseases. Although he was unavailable for this video, Rahul spent his summer in the laboratory of Prof. Andrew Carr at the University of Oxford studying ways to improve upon optimization tools to aid in the large-scale production of cell therapies.

To learn more about Rebecca’s, James’, Rahul’s, and Sheri’s research, check the alumni section of the SRF Summer Scholars homepage. Applications are now being accepted online for the summer of 2015. Apply today to join one of the exciting projects being offered this upcoming summer.