2013 Video Lecture Course

To help us build a video series introducing the core concepts of SENS and the application of regenerative medicine to aging, we asked some of the world’s top researchers to deliver lectures on their research. They generously agreed to contribute talks, the full set of which are now available below.

Tissue Engineering - Dr. Alan Russell

In this video, Carnegie Mellon's Dr. Alan Russell discusses tissue engineering with a particular focus on the repair and replacement of tissues and organs.

Regenerative Medicine and Aging - Dr. Michael West

In this lecture, BioTime CEO and Geron founder Dr. Michael West discusses regenerative medicine and its application to age-related disease with a specific focus on the role of telomeres.

Aging of the Immune System - Dr. Janko Nikolich-Zugich

In this lecture, the University of Arizona's Dr. Janko Nikolich-Zugich begins by giving an overview of the human immune system and the pathogens from which it protects us. He reviews innate and adaptive immunity and explains the role B cells and T cells play in the immune system. Next, he describes what happens to our immune systems as we age -- and it isn't good.

Senescent Cells, Cancer, and Aging - Dr. Judith Campisi

In this lecture, the Buck Institute for Research on Aging’s Dr. Judith Campisi describes senescent cells and their ironic role in cancer and aging.

Cancer and Vaccination - Dr. Claudia Gravekamp

In this video, Dr. Claudia Gravekamp of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine describes the principles of cancer vaccination and her own lab’s cutting-edge research in the field.

Mitochondrial Mutations in Aging - Dr. Aubrey de Grey

In this video, SRF Chief Science Officer Dr. Aubrey de Grey discusses mitochondrial mutations, their role in aging, and the SENS approach to combatting their deleterious effects.

Autophagy and Intracellular Aggregates - Dr. Ana Maria Cuervo

In this video, Dr. Ana Maria Cuervo from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine describes autophagy, its importance to cells, and its role in aging.

Catalytic Antibodies and Extracellular Aggregates - Dr. Sudhir Paul

In this lecture, Dr. Sudhir Paul from the University of Texas Medical School at Houston discusses the diverse diseases and problems that arise from protein misfolding, in particular the amyloid overproduction that leads to the brain plaques associated with Alzheimer's Disease.

Cross-linking of the Extracellular Matrix - Dr. William Bains

The University of Cambridge's Dr. William Bains provides a thorough overview of extracellular cross-links and their role in aging, particularly in the cardiovascular system.