Press Release: Preeminent Aging Research Conference Takes Aim at All Age-Related Diseases

Posted by Daniel Kimbel on August 12, 2013 | Outreach

Leading scientists gather to discuss integrated solutions for heart disease, cancer, macular degeneration, and more

Mountain View, CA - The world’s leading series of conferences dedicated to the prevention and treatment of the diseases of aging using regenerative medicine will hold its next installment later this year. The conference, entitled “SENS6: Reimagine Aging,” will be held from September 3-7, 2013 at Queens’ College, Cambridge, UK. As part of the biennial SENS conference series, SENS6 will be presented by SENS Research Foundation (SRF), a biomedical research charity.

“What makes the SENS conferences different is the way they unite experts on every major aspect of aging,” said Dr. Aubrey de Grey, SRF’s Chief Science Officer. “These conferences are a place where we talk about solutions: repairing the damage that underlies each of these diseases. You won’t find that comprehensive, practical approach discussed anywhere else – though, of course, we’re doing our best to change that.”

Topics covered at the conference will include heart disease, cancer, cellular senescence, age-related dysfunction of lysosomes and mitochondria, and advances in gene delivery. “Based on how far we’ve already come, as this meeting will show, I’m extremely optimistic about the progress that the scientific community will make in all of these areas in the coming decades,” added Dr. de Grey.

The keynote address will be delivered by Harvard’s Dr. George Church, a world-leading luminary in genomics. Other top speakers include MIT’s Todd Rider, Cambridge’s Robin Franklin, Carnegie Mellon’s Alan Russell, and the McGowan Institute’s Eric Lagasse. Highlights on each of these speakers can be found at

To find out more about the conference or to register, please visit Complimentary press passes are still available.

About SENS Research Foundation
SENS Research Foundation is a California-based 501(c)(3) public charity that is transforming the way the world researches and treats the diseases of aging. The organization funds research at leading universities around the world, performs scientific work at its own Research Center in Mountain View, conducts outreach, and operates an educational program for students. To learn more about SRF, please visit

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