September 1st 2016

September 1, 2016

"Control ALT, Delete Cancer" Campaign Extended through September 17, 2016 with $15k Matching Challenge

SENS Research Foundation is pleased to announce the extension of the "Control ALT, Delete Cancer" campaign supporting our OncoSENS program through September 17, 2016.

We would like to extend our tremendous gratitude toward two very generous individuals -- Christophe Cornuejols and an anonymous donor -- who have pledged a $15,000 Matching Challenge for the remainder of this campaign.

Please visit the page for details on the campaign and help make sure we are able to meet this new $15k matching goal! Thank you to the 400+ donors who have pledged their support already; now let's make sure we get the rest of the way there. The campaign may have some extra time, but every minute counts in the journey toward a universal cancer cure.

Toward a Universal Cancer Therapy - Interview with SRF's Haroldo Silva

The Siebel Scholars program was established by the Thomas and Stacey Siebel Foundation in 2000 to recognize the most talented students at the world’s leading graduate schools of business, computer science, bioengineering, and energy science.

SRF's Dr. Haroldo Silva, lead researcher for the OncoSENS program, was recently interviewed on the Siebel Scholars site. Very much worth a read if you're curious to learn more about the work, motivations, and goals of an SRF scientist, and if you are interested in a good overview of the Control ALT, Delete Cancer project goals.

2016 Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference a Success 

The 2016 Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference was a tremendous success this year. We had a sell-out crowd of over 250 registered attendees, and  over 1100 people signed up to stream the conference in 63 countries; we also had a truly impressive group of expert speakers covering everything from cutting-edge regenerative medicine work to analysis of current regulatory and development climates.



Photo: From left, Mike Kope, Brock Reeve, Debra Miller, Brian Kennedy at RB2016

SENS Research Foundation would like to thank the Buck Institute for Research on Aging for hosting this year’s conference. We would also like to thank our sponsors Peprotech,, and Rejuvenation Research.  


Photo (from left): Judith Campisi, John Jackson, Aubrey de Grey, Gordon Lithgow

If you missed watching the streaming or would like to revisit one or more of the excellent presentations given on either day of this year's conference, you can use the following links to watch, listen, and learn:


Tuesday Session

Wednesday AM Session

Wednesday PM Session

Thanks To All the 2016 SRF Summer Scholars 



Photo: The 2016 SRF Summer Scholars class at RB2016

SENS Research Foundation congratulates all our 2016 Summer Scholars for their hard work and accomplishments over the course of their internships. SRF Education strives to help equip the next generation of rejuvenation biotechnology scientists to make a difference in transforming the way the world researches and treats age-related disease.

Aubrey de Grey to speak at The Nantucket Project

SRF CSO Aubrey de Grey will all be joining a diverse and colorful cast of speakers spanning the spectrum from scientist to enterpreneur to entertainer to author to inventor at The Nantucket Project this year. 

Held in Nantucket, MA, on September 23 - 25th, 2016The Nantucket Project is "...[an] annual gathering that celebrates the richness of the human experience through storytelling...The goal of this gathering is to exchange challenging ideas, build strong relationships and share ground-breaking insights that build a better tomorrow and unlock the power of human potential." If that piques your interest, you can find Aubrey along with numerous other provocative thinkers at The Nantucket Project. Vist tnp's site for registration information.



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