March 5th 2018

March 5, 2018

It's Almost Time For Undoing Aging 2018

The 2018 Undoing Aging conference, jointly hosted by the Forever Healthy Foundation and SENS Research Foundation, is less than two weeks away! If you haven't yet registered, please do so as soon as possible, as time is running out to secure your spot. 

All of us at SRF are excited to be involved in what we hope is a fantastic three days of immersion in the science, potential, and growing relevance of "undoing aging". For regular updates and further details, be sure and check out the Undoing Aging Facebook page in addition to the website. We hope to see you in Berlin! 

We're Hiring at the SRF Research Center!

Would you like to work for us? SENS Research Foundation is currently hiring for two full-time positions at our Research Center in Mountain View, California: an Executive Assistant, and an Administrative Assistant. Applications for both positions are being accepted until March 9, 2018.

Please visit the Job Descriptions above on our website, which include detailed requirements and instructions for applying, and be sure to pass along these links if you know anyone else who may be interested. Thank you!

Remembering George Abramson

We would like to take a moment to honor our supporter, George Abramson. Born in 1920, George made a career in the world of mergers, acquisitions, and investment banking; he was involved in the 1965 high-profile merger of Pepsi with Frito Lay. Throughout his life, George's passions included health, diet, and exercise, with a particular emphasis on anything with the potential to slow down the aging process. He pursued these interests with great enthusiasm and managed to stay well-connected with multiple academic institutions into his later years, often flying off to meet the research teams at places like Duke University, Ohio State, and Michigan. Known to those around him as a fun-loving, charming man, George enjoyed his life in Vero Beach, Florida. 

George Abramson - Photo courtesy of his family

George passed in February of last year, and he graciously remembered SENS Research Foundation and a dozen other research institutions in his will. We will miss his passion for our work and his tremendous support. 

If you are interested in learning more about making a bequest to SENS Research Foundation, please inquire at

Block2TheFuture: Three Days of Blockchain Adventure

"Block 2 The Future" is a three-day conference event for anyone curious about blockchain technology, ideas & our future - and we are happy to announce that Dr. Aubrey de Grey will be speaking at this event, which will take place in San Francisco and runs from April 4 through April 6, 2018. 

Blockchain technology emphasizes distribution of information so that it exists simultaneously on multiple computer systems, which creates a powerful, robust platform for everything from virtual currency to research data. For the growing rejuvenation biotechnology industry, blockchain may be a fantastic opportinity, both in terms of funding projects and efficiently sharing data between collaborators on a global scale. If this is intriguing to you, please visit the Block2TheFuture site for ticketing and venue information. 

Where in the World is Aubrey de Grey?

Dr. Aubrey de Grey will be speaking at the following upcoming events:

What: XPOMET(c)
Where: Leipzig, Germany
When: March 22, 2018

XPOMET(c) Convention combines interdisciplinary networking, high-profile keynotes, progressive projects and discussion impulses as well as innovative and interactive formats to create a three-day tribute to technology, progress and the further development of medicine. The Convention is aimed at all stakeholders in the healthcare sector, especially physicians, decision-makers in medical institutions, the protagonists of medical engineering, modern pharmacy, biotech, care professionals, and also students.

Where: New York, NY, USA
When: April 13-15, 2018

The three-day conference, “Age and Longevity in the 21st Century: Science, Policy, and Ethics,” sponsored by Global Bioethics Initiative (GBI) and New York Medical College (NYMC), offers a unique opportunity to call attention to the impact of new technologies on the global profile of aging and longevity. By facilitating expert discussion in a unique setting regarding broad-based perspectives on these topics, the conference promotes global thinking, scientific exploration and policy orientation at the individual, social, community and macro-societal level.

Where: Hannover
When: April 15-19, 2018
This conference addresses factors that may contribute to healthier lifestyles and outcomes, thereby delaying the onset of age-associated diseases and extending longevity. The focus is to highlight cutting-edge advances in aging research, novel technologies and potential therapeutic interventions.

Where: San Francisco, CA, USA
When: May 8, 2018

The San Francisco Chronicle Chats are an ongoing series of events, featuring thought-leaders, influencers, newsmakers and trend-setters, discussing issues that affect the Bay Area and its citizenry. This panel discussion - featuring SRF's Aubrey de Grey and Stanford's William Hurlburt - promises to be a lively and fascinating one as the participants take on the ethical and practical implications of advancing medical technology in our changing world. We would love to see you there - follow the link above to purchase tickets, and save $10 by entering discount code "SFCSens".



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