June 23rd 2016

June 23, 2016

Rejuvenation Biotechnology 2016: A SENS Research Foundation Conference

What: 2016 Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference

When: August 16-17

Where: Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Novato, CA / Worldwide via Live Streaming


The 2016 Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference is focused on taking the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Industry to the next level by addressing the question: what will it take to push emerging breakthroughs in regenerative medicine from proof-of-concept to implementation?
This year's conference seeks to answer this critical inquiry by covering all the stages from securing funding, to production, to navigating regulation, to clinical evaluation and adoption of new treatments. Industry-leading experts will present real-life examples drawn from their own work followed by an open panel discussion and Q&A. As with our previous conferences, we provide ample time for networking with industry leaders, funders and researchers.
Due to our limited space the 2016 Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference is an invitation-only event. In order for our entire community to be able to participate we will be live streaming the conference and everyone is invited to join us via the live stream. To stay in the loop for our live streaming, please register today here.
So sign up today and be sure to save the dates August 16 – 17, 2016 for the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference Live Streaming. Visit www.sens.org/rb2016 to learn more.

Curing Cancer Is Its Own Reward - But We Appreciate Your Help So Much We Want To Reward You With Cool Stuff!


Everyone at SRF would like to thank all who have donated so far in support of our Control ALT, Delete Cancer fundraising campaignWe know you recognize the critical importance of the work we are doing to tackle some of the most tenacious cancers in the context of SRF's broader mission to effectively treat and cure age-related disease. You share our dream of a world where cancer is a thing of the past, and we want to offer some tokens of appreciation in recognition of your generosity toward this end. 


We realize everyone has different levels of resources available, so whether you can give $25 or $25,000, we will be so grateful -- and we still need additional support at all levels in order to reach the campaign goal of $60,000 raised by August 18, 2016. 
All donations of $10 or more will get your name listed on a special thank-you page on our site. Pledging $25 will get you an OncoSENS button and sticker. Has a loved one, family member, friend, or pet battled cancer? Donate $30 and you can honor them with a photograph in our "Face of Cancer" wall, which will be permanently displayed at our Research Center and online (plus, you still get the $25-level logo button and sticker). At the $50 level, you will receive an exclusive OncoSENS "Control ALT, Delete Cancer" t-shirt. Give $100 and receive a logo tote bag; contribute $150 and get a personalized, autographed copy of "Ending Aging".
Please visit the official campaign page over at lifespan.io for more details and descriptions of some of the truly exciting higher-level rewards (ever wanted to have dinner with Edward James Olmos and Aubrey de Grey?). Again, thank you so very much for your support -- together, we can indeed "Control ALT, Delete Cancer".

Regenerative Medicine In The News:

NASA Challenge Aims to Grow Human Tissue to Aid in Deep Space Exploration


NASA, in partnership with the nonprofit Methuselah Foundation’s New Organ Alliance, is seeking ways to advance the field of bioengineering through a new prize competition.
The Vascular Tissue Challenge offers a $500,000 prize to be divided among the first three teams that successfully create thick, metabolically-functional human vascularized organ tissue in a controlled laboratory environment.
“The humans who will be our deep space pioneers are our most important resource on the Journey to Mars and beyond,” said Steve Jurczyk, associate administrator for NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate in Washington. “The outcome of this challenge has the potential to revolutionize healthcare on Earth, and could become part of an important set of tools used to minimize the negative effects of deep space on our future explorers.”
“When the Wright Brothers discovered how to control aircraft during flight for aviation in the early 1900s, there was an explosion of progress after this key barrier was removed", said Dave Gobel, chief executive officer of the Methuselah Foundation. “In the same way, once the ‘vascularization limit’ is solved, via the NASA Vascular Tissue Challenge, there inevitably will be an historic advance in progress and commercialization of tissue engineering applications to everyone's benefit.”

Competitors must produce vascularized tissue that is more than .39 inches (1 centimeter) in thickness and maintains more than 85 percent survival of the required cells throughout a 30-day trial period. Teams must demonstrate three successful trials with at least a 75 percent success rate to win an award. In addition to the laboratory trials, teams also must submit a proposal that details how they would further advance some aspect of their research through a microgravity experiment that could be conducted in the U.S. National Laboratory on the International Space Station.
The new challenge was announced as part of White House Organ Summit, which highlighted efforts to improve outcomes for individuals waiting for organ transplants and support for living donors. In a related initiative, the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), which manages the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory, announced a follow-on prize competition in partnership with the New Organ Alliance and the Methuselah Foundation that will provide researchers the opportunity to conduct research in microgravity conditions.
The Vascular Tissue Challenge prize purse is provided by NASA’s Centennial Challenges Program, part of NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate. Centennial Challenges, managed by the agency’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, is NASA’s citizen inventor prize program that invites the nation to help advance the technologies that will enable us to go to Mars and beyond, as well as improve life on Earth. The New Organ Alliance, which is administering the competition on behalf of NASA, is a nonprofit organization focused on regenerative medicine research and development to benefit human disease research and tissue engineering.
For information about the Methuselah Foundation’s New Organ Alliance, official challenge documents, rules and schedule of events, visit: https://neworgan.org/vtc-prize.php
For more information about the Vascular Tissue Challenge, visit: http://www.nasa.gov/vtchallenge

Upcoming Events - Where in the World is Aubrey de Grey?


Dr. Aubrey de Grey will be speaking at the following events:

When: June 28, 2016
Where: Boston, USA
What: Plenary talk 
Think Conference (presented by the Institute of Economic Affairs)
When: July 2, 2016
Where: Royal Geographical Society, Kensington, London, UK
What: Panel - "How Life As We Know It Is Changing"
When: July 8-10, 2016
Where: Strasbourg, France
What: Panel - "Which Medicine for the Future?" 




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