June 12th 2018

June 12, 2018

Request for Proposals - Regenerative Medicine Research Fellowship

Applications Due August 8, 2018

In cooperation with the Forever Healthy Foundation, SENS Research Foundation (SRF) is inviting candidates to submit research proposals for a Fellowship in Rejuvenation Biotechnology that would be undertaken at our Research Center (RC) in Mountain View, California. Domestic (USA) and international Ph.D.s of all experience levels are welcome and encouraged to apply.

SRF pursues the development of therapies to prevent and reverse age-related disease and disability through a “damage-repair” paradigm: developing interventions that maintain and restore the structural and functional integrity of tissues by directly removing, repairing, replacing, or rendering harmless the cellular and molecular damage of aging. Applications are requested that promise progress in regenerative medicine for the prevention and reversal of age-related disease. For additional details and instructions, please visit our website.

Employment Opportunity at the SRF Research Center

Would you like to work for us?

SENS Research Foundation is currently hiring for:

This job is located at our Research Center in Mountain View, California. All qualified persons are encouraged to apply, and to share this link with anyone you know who might fit the position. Visit our Jobs page for links to all open positions, applications, and volunteer opportunities. We look forward to hearing from (and perhaps working with) you!

Aubrey de Grey, William Hurlbut Tackle Aging, Nature, and the Meaning of Health in Chronicle Chat

The Chronicle Chat "Should We Live Forever?" took place on the evening of May 8, 2018 at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco. Despite the typically provocative title, the discussion between the two panelists - William Hurlbut, Adjunct Professor of Neurobiology at the Stanford Medical School, and Aubrey de Grey, SENS Research Foundation's Chief Science Officer - offered a refreshingly wide-ranging exploration of everything from how and why animals age, to what the meaning of "health" might be over the course of a very long life, to the difference between how basic scientists and technologists approach the problem of age-related disease. 

Photo by Erin Ashford - Aubrey de Grey, moderator Audrey Cooper, and panelist William Hurlbut

You can watch the video recorded during the event on YouTube, and decide for yourself who made the most well-reasoned argument -- but we can assure you that no matter your assessment, there is never a dull moment!



San Francisco Donor Event - Thank You For Coming!

SENS Research Foundation would like to thank everyone who came out to San Francisco to attend our Donor Appreciation event on May 8. It is always wonderful to get together with the people who stand behind our mission and who enable us to continue our work toward ending age-related disease. 

Photo by Erin Ashford - SRF Donor Event attendees in the Herbst Theater Lounge

We are very grateful to our strong community of supporters. We hope you had a wonderful experience getting to know our staff, and look forward to seeing you again next year to celebrate SRF’s 10 year anniversary!

Where in the World is Aubrey de Grey?

Where: Lausanne, Switzerland
When: June 21, 2018

The 2018 CIG Symposium on Aging and Anti-Aging proposes to delve into the recent developments in this exciting field that touches everyone. There will be both platform talks from invited leaders in the field as well as  selected speakers based on submitted abstracts. 

Where: Ancona, Italy
When: June 22, 2018

Innov-Aging is "the first Expo Meeting in Italy totally dedicated to the latest innovations of the 'Silver Market', with particular attention to the sectors: Economics-Finance, Health-Wellness and Technology."

Where: New York, USA
When: July 12, 2018

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation is hosting a special one-day conference focused on aging research and biotech investment. Developing therapies from initial concepts, through clinical testing, and ultimately to market, takes a pipeline, and right now, that pipeline is being built to support the next step in medicine: rejuvenation biotechnology. Join us for this exciting event, where industry experts will be sharing their insights on the advances and investment prospects in an industry poised to revolutionize medicine forever.

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