July 7th 2016

July 7, 2016

Only 42 Days Left Left To Meet Our $60,000 Fundraising Goal -

Help OncoSENS 'Control ALT, Delete Cancer' Now!

42 days may sound like a long time, but, put bluntly, none of us are getting any less susceptible to cancer. ALT-exploiting cancers remain just as difficult to treat as they were yesterday, and very few scientists in the world are even paying attention to how ALT 'works' or manifests in our bodies.


You have the power to help change that, and in doing so help change medicine so that it has a chance of saving more lives sooner rather than later.


Every day counts, and we guarantee that the next 42 days will fly by. If you've been considering donating to the 'Control ALT, Delete Cancer' campaign but haven't gotten around to it yet, we hope you'll take a few minutes right now to go to the campaign page at lifespan.io and give as generously as possible.


If we seem like we're pushing on this a lot, well, it's because we are. Because we need to. Because while a lot can happen in 42 days, it isn't going to happen without you. Thank you so much if you have already given, and thank you in advance if, after reading this, you plan to make your commitment to helping end cancer and bring us that much closer to thwarting age-related disease completely. 

OncoSENS In Their Own Words - New Podcast and Interview Featured


SENS Research Foundation is delighted to direct your attention to a couple of unique opportunities to get to know our OncoSENS research team and the work they do. We are grateful to the Methuselah Foundation and Fight Aging! for helping us extend the reach of our message and get the word out about just how critical this research is in the quest for a universal therapy for all cancers.


Over at the Methuselah Foundation site, you can listen to a podcast featuring researchers Haroldo Silva and David Halvorsen of the SRF Research Center. They think "Control Alt, Delete Cancer" has a good chance of succeeding with proper support -- we hope that after listening, you'll agree.


Then, over at Fight Aging!, veteran blogger Reason and lead researcher Haroldo Silva get into some of the history of and precedent for the OncoSENS project and what it would take to really move it forward. Please check it out if you haven't already, and be sure to share links with others you know who may be interested. 

Attend Rejuvenation Biology 2016 From Anywhere In The World
via Live Streaming

For the first time ever, SENS Research Foundation will be live streaming this year's Rejuvenation Biotechnology conference so that everyone interested in getting the real-time experience of our speaker presentations can do so from anywhere.


Make sure you stay in the loop by filling out the brochure request form on our website in order to receive important details about accessing the live stream as soon as they are available. And don't forget to mark your calendars for August 16-17, 2016!

Become A Sponsor of Rejuvenation Biotechnology 2016


SENS Research Foundation is looking for conference sponsors! Due to limited space, only 10 sponsorship opportunities are available, so if you would like to secure one for your organization or company, contact us as soon as possible.
The Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conferences enable you to meet with world-renowned researchers, VCs and pharmaceutical executives that are focused on treating and curing age-related disease. Through sponsoring RB2016, you can:
  • Position your company as a leader in age-related regenerative medicine
  • Present cutting edge information to your target audience
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  • Find collaborators in age-related disease
Contact jerri.barrett@sens.org to learn about Sponsorship Opportunities.


Your Support Helping Advance Science:

SRF-Funded Work Published in Genome Biology


SENS Research Foundation extends congratulations to our collaborators at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine who have published an open-access paper in Genome Biology detailing some of the work SENS Research Foundation has funded. Authored by researchers Silvia Gravina, Xiao Dong, Bo Yu and Jan Vijg, the new paper, entitled "Single-cell genome-wide bisulfite sequencing uncovers extensive heterogeneity in the mouse liver methylome", is available to read and download online here




Question of the Month #14: How Does "Control ALT, Delete Cancer" Fit Into SRF's Overall Strategy?


Q: SENS Research Foundation (SRF)is dedicated to human rejuvenation, eliminating the diseases of aging. How does the OncoSENS project that is currently doing a crowdfunding campaign at Lifespan.io, which seeks to tackle Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres (ALT)-exploiting cancers, fit into SRF’s overall mission?


A: Ultimately, SRF’s goal is to develop treatments that make it impossible for the body to develop cancer in the first place. To do this, we’re targeting the one universal characteristic of all cancers that gives us the opportunity for a one-time attack that cancers can’t just evolve their way around: their ability to lengthen their telomeres and therefore keep replicating themselves long after a normal cell would go senescent (lose its ability to divide).


Cancers have two ways to maintain their telomeres: the well-understood telomerase mechanism, and the more mysterious ALT mechanism. An approach based on denying emerging cancer cells the ability to lengthen their telomeres requires us to figure out what exactly the ALT system's machinery even is, which right now is an enormous hole in biological knowledge. Identifying a fast, inexpensive, and reliable screen for ALT activity is absolutely necessary to catalyzing the research needed to do that, and the lack of such a tool is preventing scientists from both figuring out what the ALT mechanism involves, and testing potential therapies targeting it.


Our team has already developed an assay capable of rapidly screening candidate compounds to determine which ones will halt or slow ALT activity. The OncoSENS crowdfunding campaign will provide critical resources for enabling us to begin screening a large drug library of 115,000 such compounds. This is a crucial step in our effort to understand and stop ALT and will set the stage for more comprehensive cancer mitigation. In the near term it will help lead to treatments for patients who have ALT-exploiting cancers (which comprise 10-15% of all cancers, but include some of the hardest-to-treat ones, e.g.,many brain cancers, lung cancers, osteosarcomas, and soft tissue sarcomas).


This work could also serve as a backstop against the secondary ALT-exploiting cancers that animal studies (and our understanding of cancer evolution) suggest will arise once the experimental therapies targeting telomerase currently in advanced clinical trials are approved by the FDA and deployed as a strategy to fight the majority of cancers, which initially develop by exploiting telomerase.


The “Control ALT, Delete Cancer” campaign is critical to our mission of robust human rejuvenation, because making a human body impervious to the threat of cancer is essential to achieving that goal and can't be realized through rejuvenation of the body’s existing anti-cancer defenses alone. Since all cancers use one method or another to lengthen their telomeres, addressing ALT is going to be vital to developing a comprehensive solution to cancer.  Please help support the SENS Research Foundation’s campaign and donate today at https://www.lifespan.io/campaigns/sens-control-alt-delete-cancer/.

Advancing Conversations with Aubrey de Grey


Advancing Conversations is a line of interview books documenting conversations with artists, authors, philosophers, economists, scientists, and activists whose works are aimed at the future and at progress. The latest volume in the Advancing Conversations series,available now via Amazon.comis a book-length interview with SENS Research Foundation CSO Dr. Aubrey de Grey, covering recent research progress in addition to responses to common questions about SRF's work.



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