January 15th 2019

January 15, 2019

SENS Research Foundation (SRF) and Forever Healthy Foundation (FHF) want to see you at the second annual Undoing Aging conference! Early Bird registration pricing ends in less than two weeks, on January 24, 2019 - so make sure buy your tickets now to save €200.00. Undoing Aging 2019 (UA2019) will take place in Berlin at the Umspannwerk Alexanderplatz from March 28 to 30, 2019. 

The annual Undoing Aging conference is focused on the cellular and molecular repair of age-related damage as the basis of therapies to bring aging under full medical control. UA2019 will again focus on bringing together scientists and startups from around the globe in their respective fields, who are leading the charge in maintaining and restoring full health in old age. Speakers include leading researchers from around the world focused on topics including stem cells, senescent cells, immunotherapies, biomarkers and drug discovery.

Thank you very much to everyone who contributed to 2018's Reimagine Aging end-of-year fundraising campaign. The original General Fund goal of $500,000 was our most ambitious yet, and you enabled us to exceed this goal for an incredible $771,393 total! We are grateful beyond measure for your generosity and support to continue our mission of curing age-related disease. Every dollar you give helps bring the future we all want to build into existence. 

A very special thanks to Vitalik Buterin for his incredible gift of $350,000 in Ethereum, as well to IAS, Josh Triplett, Reason, Christophe Cornuejols, Didier Coeurnelle, and Olivier Roland for providing matching grants during this campaign.

SRF Education: 2019 Program Application Deadlines Approaching

The SRF Summer Scholars Program offers undergraduate students the opportunity to conduct biomedical research to combat diseases of aging, such as cancer, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's Disease. Under the guidance of a scientific mentor, each Summer Scholar is responsible for his or her own research project in such areas as genetic engineering and stem cell research. 

Applications for the 2019 Summer Scholars program will be accepted until noon PST Monday, February 4, 2019 (12pm PST 2/4/19). 

The SRF Postbaccalaureate Fellowship Program offers recent graduates the opportunity to conduct biomedical research to combat diseases of aging, such as cancer, atherosclerosis, and Parkinson’s Disease. Like SRF’s Summer Scholars Program, the goal of the Postbaccalaureate Fellowship Program will be to prepare participants for a career in regenerative medicine research. Under the guidance of a scientific mentor, each Fellow will take control of his or her own research project. Training will also include writing assignments that will improve each Fellow’s ability to generate grant proposals, abstracts, and other scientific reports.

Applications for the 2019 SRF Postbaccalaureate Fellowship Program will be accepted until noon PST Monday, March 4, 2019 (12 PM PST 3/4/19).



Where in the World is Aubrey de Grey?

Where: Singapore
When: January 22, 2019

Emerging Tech Asia is...a curation of the world’s leading tech executives, scientists and investors. The brightest minds in robotics, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, computing, energy, sustainability (and much more) will come from all over the world to share breakthrough research and discoveries with the best from academia, industry and finance.

Where: Miami, Florida, USA
When: January 23, 2019

The World Stem Cell Summit is a project of the nonprofit Regenerative Medicine Foundation.
Since 2003, Regenerative Medicine Foundation has built the strongest, most comprehensive and trusted global network for Regenerative Medicine, uniting the world’s leading researchers, medical centers, universities, labs, businesses, funders, policymakers, experts in law, regulation and ethics, medical philanthropies and patient organizations.The World Stem Cell Summit has a focus on translation and commercialization, attracting all stakeholders in the regenerative medicine universe.

Where: San Francisco, California, USA
When: January 30-31, 2019

The inaugural Longevity Therapeutics 2019 will bring together the leading biotech drug developers, academics, investors and pharma companies endeavoring to develop innovative therapies targeting age-related conditions. Join them to collaboratively tackle specific challenges faced to develop these therapies – from discovery, to preclinical activities, translational research, clinical development, regulatory and commercial considerations – and uncover the details behind the latest developments in this space.

Where: London, England
When: February 4, 2019

The Longevity Leaders Congress is dedicated to..."connecting the leaders in longevity science, technology, business and investment to tackle the grand challenge of extending human health span."

Where: Helsinki, Finland
When: February 6-7, 2019

DIGITAL HEALTH NORDIC 2019 provides a unique look at the role of technology in advancing modern medicine, healthcare and wellness. At the epicenter of technological change, the event provides a chance for everyone in the healthcare industry to learn, network, and share in how tech can help provide better health outcomes.​

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