December 2014

December 2014

Fight Aging $50,000 Challenge Grant Completed


SENS Research Foundation is pleased to announce that you, our generous supporters, have helped us to achieve our $50,000 Fight Aging Challenge Grant Goal. Every dollar you gave us was tripled by the group of generous donors at Fight Aging! We are so very grateful to everyone who contributed on SRF’s behalf. We thank you all.
Our #GivingTuesday challenge, in which SRF’s own Aubrey de Grey offered to match the first $5000 given was also met on December 2nd. In fact, that $5000 was quadrupled -- making $20,000! Thanks to Aubrey and everyone who helped make our first #GivingTuesday a success.

New $10,000 Challenge Begins Today!

Everyone at SRF is thrilled at the success of these recent fundraising endeavors, but as a nonprofit we depend on continuing support. We are excited to note that a new challenge grant has been received from Ronny Hatteland, AutoStore - Software Developer. For every dollar we receive from now until the end of the year (December 15 – 31st), the first $10,000 will be matched by Ronny’s generous gift.  
“The work of the SENS Research Foundation gives us all a chance to secure ourselves a healthy future and an extended lifetime to continue to embrace all that life has to offer us. I am very pleased to support SENS Research Foundation and I encourage all of you to join me,” -- Ronny Hatteland
Donate today at you are interested in offering up a challenge please contact Jerri Barrrett, VP of Outreach at

Save the Date: Rejuvenation Biotechnology 2015 Conference


When: August 19-21, 2015
Where: Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport
Mark your calendars and plan to attend the second annual Rejuvenation Biotechnology conference. RB2015 will once again bring together leading scientific, business and venture capital speakers.Topics will include the latest research on diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease, cancer, and cardiovascular disease as well as sessions on regulatory, financial and economic issues.
To receive updates on conference planning and to be notified first when registation opens go to:


2015 SRF Summer Scholars Program Now Accepting Applications


SENS Research Foundation invites all qualifying students to apply for the 2015 Summer Scholars Program. If you are an undergraduate interested in rejuvenation biotech, this is your chance to gain valuable experience in the field. 


Visit for more details and to apply online.Completed applications will be accepted through February 2, 2015



Click the thumbnail image to download the full-page, print-quality version of the flyer, which we encourage you to distribute.


More 2014 SRF Summer Scholar Video Profiles Now Available To Watch Online


The second in a series videos profiling the students who participated in the 2014 SRF Summer Scholars Program is now available for viewing on the SRF website. This video features our 2014 scholars in action at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. Click here or on the screenshot to meet Sebastian Aguilar, Joi McLaughlin, Haben Tesfamariam, and Megan Harper and learn about their experiences in the program.


Stay tuned for more exclusive SRF Education video content to be announced in future newsletters.



To learn more about the background and research projects of these and other past Summer Scholars, visit

Special Thanks from SRF Education


SENS Research Foundation would like to offer a special thanks to the Eudemonist Society for their support of the SRF Summer Scholars Program. The Eudemonist Society supports peer reviewed, reproducible biomedical research into age-related disorders with the goal of enabling longer, healthier human lives.


The Eudemonist Society has donated $3000 to support two of our 2015 Summer Scholars projects.


“We humans are extremely fortunate that people go to their labs and clinics each day to invent and perfect the cures for the diseases from which we suffer. I can think of no higher priority worthy of our support. As a former graduate student, I know the financial hardship that often accompanies the job. It's hard enough to do the work at the lab bench without having an extra distraction of financial hardship. The young interns I met at the 2015 Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference  were, without exception, really wonderful people. I want to let them know I support them and care about their work. A grant to SENS Research Foundation allows us to support these wonderful students and forward the cause of longer, more youthful, human life. What could be better?”


David Jackson

Eudemonist Society Director


If you are interested in making a grant or donation to support our SENS Research Foundation Summer Scholars please contact Jerri Barrett at

New CSO Team Blog Post: New Avenues in Fighting Neurodegeneration


Degenerative aging causes more or less obvious impairment of everyone's motor control and cognitive function. The severe manifestations of the cellular and molecular damage driving this is Parkinson's disease, a neurodegenerative disease of aging characterized by hand tremors and the loss of the face's expressiveness often characterized as a "masklike" expression, and sometimes accompanied by specific forms of dementia. One of the key forms of aging damage driving these degenerative processes is junk inside cells composed of aggregated alpha-synuclein, a protein involved in functions at the juctures between neurons. To maintain youthful motor control and cognitive function, we need to apply the "damage-repair" strategy to develop rejuvenation biotechnology able to remove alpha-synuclein and other intracellular aggregates from the brain.
Around this time last year, our technical rejuvenation biotechnology blog from the Chief Science Officer's team made the exciting announcement that a candidate vaccine targeting alpha-synuclein aggregates for removal had graduated from experimental studies to early-stage human testing. Today we bring you an update on the progress of vaccines that clear alpha-synuclein aggregates from the aging brain.
That first vaccine has so far appeared to be quite safe, and is even giving promising hints that it is holding Parkinson's symptoms at bay in people who began the trial in the early stages of the disease. It's now moving on into followup studies and a new trial in another age-related disease driven by alpha-synuclein aggregates. And now a second immunotherapy, this one using the so-called "passive vaccine" approach of infusing preformed antibodies directly into patients, has itself joined the race, having entered into two early-phase clinical trials, thanks in part to an agreement between biotech innovator Prothena and the pharmaceutical giant Roche. And we've gotten a lot more information about the successful testing of these rejuvenation biotechnologies in animal models that led regulators to approve these trials in the first place.
Interested in learning more? Click to read the full post on our website.



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