December 16th 2016

December 16, 2016

The Most Important Factor in Curing Aging: You!

Help SRF Meet the Winter Fundraiser 2016 Challenge

SENS Research Foundation is pleased to announce that our year-end campaign has received a $20,000 Matching Grant from Josh Triplett. This means that every dollar contributed up to $20,000 will now be tripled through the Matching Grants from Josh Triplett and the Forever Healthy Foundation. Currently, we are $117,637.59 toward the $150,000 goal - please help make sure we meet this challenge by giving generously today!

It is thanks to you that we've been able to get this far -- to meet critical proof-of-concept milestones, to publish in multiple journals, to keep work ongoing in our Research Center that simply isn't happening anywhere else -- and it is going to be thanks to you that we can continue to do all this and more in the coming year. Please pledge your support at this crucial time by visiting our donate page - and remember, your donation is tax-deductible.  

Become a SENS Patron with your Subscription Donation!

Want to be a SENS Research Foundation Patron? Patrons provide ongoing support for SRF's work, which is something nonprofit organizations like ours depend on. It's easy - just sign up on our website to make a monthly donation to SRF. Your year-round support enables us to pay for the things we need every day - power, water and pipettes. We are very close to making our goal of $3000 per month - we just need your commitment to get the rest of the way there!


SRF's Dr. Matthew O'Connor Presents Google Tech Talk

Matthew O'Connor, who heads SRF's MitoSENS project, delivered a Google TechTalk on December 9, 2016. Entitled "Engineering Approaches to Combating the Diseases and Disabilities of Aging: Rejuvenating the Mitochondria", this talk includes a general-audience explanation of SENS Research Foundation's work to fight age-related diseases with a focus on repairing the damage that accumulates as we age. SENS Research Foundation recently published a paper on their research into repairing cells that lack two of the thirteen essential mitochondrial proteins. The SRF scientists were able to reengineer the two mitochondrial genes and move them to the nucleus of the cell, restoring the missing proteins. 

This work is significant for both its impact on treating age related diseases but also on childhood diseases resulting from a lack of certain mitochondrial proteins, and this talk is a great introduction to the topic - click above to watch and please share!

Your Support in Action: UC-Berkeley Research Group Publishes in "Nature Communications"

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have just published a paper in Nature Communications entitled "A single heterochronic blood exchange reveals rapid inhibition of multiple tissues by old blood", based on work previously funded in part by SENS Research Foundation.

In the course of this project, the researchers in Dr. Irina Conboy's laboratory sought to re-evaluate research on "heterochronic parabiosis," in which two laboratory animals are surgically joined together in order to expose an old animal to a young animal's blood (and vice-versa). Previous experiments indicated that the older mice enjoyed improved regenerative responses (some of them dramatic) following such an exchange, while the younger mice suffered impaired regeneration. However, it was not clear the extent to which these effects were due to the exchanged blood itself, rather than to the effects of a conjoined circulatory system, which additionally filters the old animal's blood through the young animal's kidneys, liver, and other organs before returning it through the joined circulation.

The Berkeley group designed a novel apparatus to enable blood exchange without the complicating variable of surgical interconnection. They were able to determine that blood exchange alone did have an impact on, for instance, stem cells' ability to repair a muscular injury, even as it did not provide the full spectrum of benefits obtained in earlier parabiosis experiments. Moreover, the researchers confirmed the presence of suppressive factors in older blood that could, in future therapies, potentially be filtered out to the improvement of a patient's health and regenerative capacity. 

Ultimately, while these experiments with mice do not in any way suggest robust human rejuvenation could be garnered from blood exchange, they do set the stage for some promising therapeutic developments; e.g., treatments to cleanse age-related health-degrading compounds from older patients' blood. A clinical trial based on this work is forthcoming, which, while not funded by SRF, is nonetheless a tremendously exciting development to note. Once again, we are so grateful to everyone who has contributed generously -- when proof-of-concept work leads to data that inspires others to come in and conduct trials, that's an amazing testament to the power of our community. Thank you all.

Did You Know that You Can Give Stock?

SENS Research Foundation provides several ways to give, so our donors can choose the method that works best for them. We are pleased to offer stock donation as one of these options. A gift of appreciated stock helps provide SRF with much-needed funding, and can mean lower capital gains tax and income tax liabilities for you, making it a win-win prospect. If you would like to do a stock transfer, contact Jerri Barrett for account information. 

Where in the World is Aubrey de Grey?

Where: Ramada Plaza Hotel, Basel, Switzerland
When: January 24 - 26, 2017

Aubrey de Grey to present during the Day 1 (1/24) session on "Strategic Developments in R&D Big Data". From the Next Level Pharma site: "Day 1 will feature several keynote presentations from C-Level thought leaders on big data in the R&D space and heads of major research institutions who are at the front-end of the big data challenge. They will be discussing the strategic drivers for big data and key implementation hurdles and considerations to facilitate innovation.

Support SRF While You Shop This Holiday Season with Amazon Smile

If you haven't already signed up for Amazon Smile, there is no better time than now, especially with it getting close to holiday shipping deadlines. Visit SRF's unique Amazon Smile URL and verify that you want to support SENS Foundation Inc. when prompted -- it's that easy! When you shop with Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of whatever you buy to SRF at no additional cost to you. Help fight age-related disease this holiday season and throughout the year in one easy step.



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