December 11th 2018

December 11, 2018

Season's greetings! We knew going into this year's fundraising campaign that we'd set a pretty ambitious goal—but we also knew that if any community was going to step up to the challenge, it would be SRF’s supporters. Thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far - at $335,526, we're more than halfway to $500k! Special thanks again to IAS, Josh Triplett, Reason, and Christophe Cornuejols for generously providing matching grants. 

Over the next few weeks, it is critical that we raise the rest of the $500,000 for SRF's general fund to maintain the momentum in our fight against age-related disease. If you're still waiting to make your contribution, do so before the campaign ends on December 31st! Reimagine Aging with us and make your donation today.

4 Reasons To Become An SRF Patron

In addition to the $500k General Fund goal, we also have matching grants of up to $54,000 in new subscriptions to unlock. Can we do it in less than a month? That's up to you! Here are some reasons to consider joining this special group of dedicated donors.

1. Convenience

Smaller donations on a regular basis may be more practical for you than a large, lump-sum donation at year-end. With the subscription model, you can set up automatic payments the same way you would for your cellular bill or media streaming service. This reduces your overhead and all throughout the year, you will know your dollars are making a difference!

2. Community

Recurring donations establish an ongoing two-way communication with SRF. SRF Patrons will always be right at the forefront of important updates, special donor events, and other community-oriented activities.

3. Reliable source of income

Nonprofit operating costs are ongoing - every month we have rent and utilities to pay, new reagents and supplies to purchase, and many other recurring expenses. Subscription donation income, no matter the level, allows us to more accurately budget our funds on a month-to-month basis and ensure steady, reliable progress in our research.

4. Reduced operating expenses

Just as recurring automatic donations are convenient for you, they also reduce administrative costs for nonprofits by enabling us to streamline the processing of contributions. This means more of your money can be funneled directly into research, education, and outreach efforts.

Convinced? We hope so! Thank you to the 60 new SRF Patrons who have made their commitments during this campaign, and to Fight Aging! for their matching funds. Help us meet our goal; become an SRF Patron today!

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SRF 2018 Summer Scholars: Featuring The Next Generation of Rejuvenation Biotechnology Researchers (Part 4)

The SRF Summer Scholars Program offers undergraduate students the opportunity to conduct biomedical research to combat diseases of aging, such as cancer, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's Disease. Under the guidance of a scientific mentor, each Summer Scholar is responsible for his or her own research project in such areas as genetic engineering and stem cell research. Follow along as we highlight the 2018 Summer Scholars with links to our Education blog for insights into their profiles and their important work in renowned laboratories.

PHOTO: From left - Srini Cherukuri, Rebecca Hardie, Viraat Goel

This month's featured Summer Scholars are Srini Cherukuri, Rebecca Hardie, and Viraat Goel, who conducted their projects respectively at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, University of California, Berkeley, and the Center for Stem Cell Therapeutics and Imaging, Harvard Medical School.

2019 SRF Summer Scholars Applications Are Online

The application for the 2019 SRF Summer Scholars Program is now available. Applications will be accepted until noon PST Monday, February 4, 2019 (12pm PST 2/4/19).

Please be sure to download the recommendation instructions and give your recommender(s) ample time to submit your letter of recommendation by the deadline.

2019 SRF Postbaccalaureate Fellowship Program Application Online Starting January 7, 2019

Have you just finished your undergraduate degree? Do you know someone who has? Are you looking for a fantastic opportunity to engage in real, relevant regenerative medicine research prior to graduate school or other higher-level work? If so, please consider checking out SRF's newest Education endeavor - our Postbaccalaureate Fellowship Program.

The SRF Postbaccalaureate Fellowship Program offers recent graduates the opportunity to conduct biomedical research to combat diseases of aging, such as cancer, atherosclerosis, and Parkinson’s Disease. Like SRF’s Summer Scholars Program, the goal of the Postbaccalaureate Fellowship Program will be to prepare participants for a career in regenerative medicine research. Under the guidance of a scientific mentor, each Fellow will take control of his or her own research project. Training will also include writing assignments that will improve each Fellow’s ability to generate grant proposals, abstracts, and other scientific reports.

The 2019 SRF Postbaccalaureate Fellowship Program application period opens on January 7, 2019 and runs until March 4, 2019. The application will be linked from the Postbaccalaureate Fellowship Program page on our website, so make sure and visit to apply and verify eligibility requirements.



Less Than 2 Months Left for Undoing Aging Early Bird Registration Rates!

SENS Research Foundation (SRF) and Forever Healthy Foundation (FHF) are delighted to host the second annual Undoing Aging conference, which will take place in Berlin at the Umspannwerk Alexanderplatz from March 28 to 30, 2019. Early Bird registration is still open for Undoing Aging 2019, so if you don't have your tickets yet, this would be a great time to make sure and secure your spot. After January 24, regular rates will apply, so buy soon to save €200.00. We look forward to seeing you there!


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