I.S. Abuljadayel

Organiser's Note: The presenter of this talk withheld their permission for video to be published.

Reprogramming differentiation in mature adult cells via cell surface receptor contact is a very important concept in stem cell research and therapy. The technology of producing pluripotent stem cells from mature adult cells via mere cell surface contact has been around for more than a decade now and termed Retrodifferentiation/Dedifferentiation. As with all simple notions, Retrodifferentiation has been less received due to either misconception or reasons beyond the realm of science.

Nevertheless, the use of Stem cell therapy in the treatment of a variety of degenerative disease is an emerging concept in Regenerative Medicine. In this approach the underlying cellular deficit can be replenished using tissue specific stem cells capable of proliferation and differentiation into a variety of specialised cell types?. This kind of cellular regeneration enables reconstitution and maintenance of damaged tissue, thereby restoring optimal function. Furthermore, this regenerative approach will correct the gradual deterioration of a variety of tissue types caused by a plethora of complex factors that triggered the aging process. Herein, this abstract the use of autologous Retrodifferentiated Stem Cell therapy in the treatment of degenerate tissue will be discussed.

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Pluripotent Stem Cells
Regenerative Medicine