E. Aphek

For the last six years I have been implementing a program I initiated: The Intergenerational Program: Preserving Heritage in a Technological Environment. In this program young students, grades 5-11, tutor senior citizens at computer and Internet skills and learn from their older students, a chapter in the latter's personal history. Together they write a digital version of the story, scan pictures, albums, and documents, and search for information on the Net as well as in other sources.

There is a saying that when an old person dies an entire library is set on fire. In the intergenerational program whole libraries, treasured in the minds of the elderly, are saved by the means of the new technologies. The program has been implemented by now in more than 500 schools in Israel.

The paper describes the program , presents some of the digital histories written by the youth and the elderly, and suggests ways to expand the scope of the project.